15/03/2012 08:30 GMT

MasterChef Final: Tom, Shelina & Andrew Remain - Who Should Win? (VOTE)

The search for the country's best amateur cook has reached boiling point after eight weeks of tense kitchen action in this season's MasterChef.

It's time for the final three to plate up one last time for John Torode and Gregg Wallace, and see who will be crowned this year's champion.

The three remaining contestants - Andrew Kojima, 33, who is half Japanese and a research analyst from London, Tom Rennolds, 26, a plasterer from West Yorkshire, and Shelina Permalloo, 29, who is a British-born Mauritian and former charity worker from south London - have put in genuine sweat, fortunately no blood thus far and tears to the competition.

There have been culinary flops (Tom's undercooked turbot, I'm looking at you) but there have also been a bunch of genuinely mouth-watering delights - so many that Wallace and Torode reportedly spent two hours arguing over the final decision.

But who do you want to follow in footsteps of previous winner Tim Anderson to be crowned MasterChef 2012? Vote in our poll below after seeing the final three in a nutshell:



The ability to bring together flavours that shouldn't work but somehow do.


His inability to listen.



Her individual style and skill with puddings.


A very good natural cook but she doesn't have a lot of experience beyond her comfort zone.



Unique and experimental molecular techniques.


Shaky hands and nervousness.

MasterChef is on at 9pm on BBC1 tonight.