15/03/2012 09:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wowsers! Did This Model Just Let Slip How Much That Louis Vuitton PFW Train Cost?

Kel Markey might have let slip just how much Louis Vuitton's Paris Fashion Week train cost in her interview with WWD - a cool $8 million.

Wowsers - did this model just let slip how much that Louis Vuitton train cost? Photo: Getty

The model, who walked in the brand's AW2012 show revealed:

"[T]he Louis Vuitton show blew me away. I heard the train cost $8 million [Vuitton declined to comment on the cost]. And it was so beautiful inside. You think they'd do bare-bones since only us models would see it, but it was really nice upholstery and luggage racks and all this beautiful wood paneling. I guess when Marc [Jacobs] does things, he does them perfectly."

But despite the reported cost, we reckon it was money well spent - the Louis Vuitton show was THE talking point of the whole season, eclipsing even Karl Lagerfeld's crystalline Fortress of Solitude for Chanel.

Kel went on to share a model's eye view of the event:

"The night before Louis Vuitton, my fitting was at 3 a.m. and the call time was 5 a.m. Before the show, we were all passed out on the floor and tables after getting our hair and makeup done. Pat [McGrath] was coming around, saying, "Don't sleep on the side of your face, you're going to mess up your makeup!

"My friend Lara [Mullen]'s look was right after mine, so after we walked off, the first thing we both said was, "Get these shoes off!" Then we started jumping up and down. After that I met my friend at Angelica's for the best hot chocolate in the entire world, because everybody had told me about it. It really was out-of-control amazing. And then I went to sleep. "

You can read Kel's full interview (including the eyebrow-related perils of modelling) over at WWD.