16/03/2012 12:26 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

WATCH: Sports Illustrated Model Kate Upton's Banned Ad - Offensive Or Funny?

An advert for skater brand Zoo York featuring Kate Upton (she of Sports Illustrated's 2012 swimsuit issue cover fame) and a couple of foul-mouthed cockroaches has been banned from US television networks MTV and Adult Swim.

The New York Daily News lists the reasons for the ban as "bleeped profanity" and an image of Kate's "erect nipple". You can see the video for yourself if you hit play below although we should warn you that in this version the profanity isn't bleeped and the whole thing may well be NSFW depending on your workplace:

As it goes, we'd say that the bleeped profanity and erect nipple (which we couldn't even spot) aren't what's particularly offensive - if you're going to take issue with anything, at least make it the cascade of lazy double entendres or the fact it's nowhere near as smart as it thinks it is.

Examples of the roach dialogue include:

"I would love to grind that thing..."

"It doesn't even look like it needs to be waxed"
"Oh, it definitely needs to be waxed..."

Etc, etc.

It looks like the ban might have done the company a favour though - the talk of Kate's erect nipple (which, BY THE WAY, you can see on her famous Sports Illustrated cover after half a second of typing in Google image search if you absolutely must) has got a fair few people watching the ad frame by frame.

This from one YouTube commenter:

"apparently this was banned because you can see her erect nipples...but I REALLY TRIED HARD and i couldn't see any erect nipples :("

Oh, and if you're wondering what Kate herself thought?

"This was such a funny commercial! Who knew cockroaches were so racy and hilarious?"

What do you think? Offensive? Boring? Funny?