Fabrice Muamba: Critically Ill Footballer Told To 'Keep Fighting' (Video)

Fans Tell Muamba To 'Keep Fighting'

Shocked Bolton Wanderers fans arriving at the club's ground to lay flowers and comfort each other have urged their hero to "keep fighting".

A steady stream of fans came to the players' entrance at the Reebok Stadium and placed flowers, shirts and other tributes in front of the club's remembrance book.

One message, written on a card with a Manchester United emblem on it, said: "Our thoughts and prayers are with you. One game, one family."

A Bolton flag was signed with the message: "Just get back to full health. Praying for you."

Bolton shirts were left at the scene, signed with messages of support and offering prayers for the critically injured young player.

An Easter egg was also left by one fan.

Chris Scott arrived with Rebecca Carlisle at the ground in bright spring sunshine. The couple said they wanted to see what people had left at the ground.

Ms Carlisle said: It's quite frightening. He's in the best place he can be. He's in hospital now. He's got the right people around him. We can only hope, keep our hopes up, that he is going to be okay."

The couple said they were listening to the match and were shocked and saddened when news of his condition filtered through.

Mr Scott said: "We were just in shock for three or four hours last night, just hoping, looking for any news that he was going to be okay.

"Football doesn't matter when something like this happens. Hopefully he is going to pull through."

Another fan, David Mulvaney, said: "We were all in the pub watching the game yesterday and it just went deadly, so quiet. He is such a popular player as well. We all feel for him. Such a young age. We are still hoping for him.

"He always put 100% in and always had a smile on his face. Just one of those people you like straight away."

Jason Delvard added: "I feel in shock. I just want to know how he is and that he is getting better."

He described watching the incident last night as "surreal".

He went on: "I thought at first it was a bad injury, a broken leg. Then I started to realise it was lot more serious when the Tottenham fans were crying and they were singing his name. It was shocking really, probably the most shocking thing I have seen at a football match."

He described him as "a great player" who everyone respects.

"He is a young, professional lad who has got dreams and aspirations," he added.

"Because it was right there in front of you it has a bigger impact."

He urged the player to "keep fighting".


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