Katy Perry 'Part Of Me' Teaser Video: Popstar Turns Commando (VIDEO)

FIRST LOOK: Perry Toughens Up

Katy Perry is showing off her fighting spirit following her split from Russell Brand by posing as a crack commando in her new military-themed promo.

The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker is currently in the midst of a divorce from the funnyman after their 14-month marriage crumbled at the end of last year following months of speculation about the state of the union.

She has maintained a dignified silence about the failed relationship since the split but has clearly decided to toughen up her public image - by smearing camouflage paint on her face and donning military fatigues in the video for her new single Part of Me.

The pop star is seen wielding a machine gun, marching in formation, and engaging in hand-to-hand combat with other recruits.

Perry posted a link to a preview clip of the film on her Twitter.com page and hinted her hard-hitting new image is here to stay, writing:

"That was THEN & this is NOW: Sneak peek of my NEW VIDEO for PARTOFME."


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