19/03/2012 11:36 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Britain's Oldest Dad Dies At 78 - Before His Youngest Baby's First Birthday

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Last year we reported on Dennis Ealam, the pensioner who had fathered THREE babies in three years with his 37-year-old wife, Cora.

We were very saddened to learn that Dennis passed away over the weekend - just a few months shy of his youngest baby's first birthday. Little Violet will turn one in June.

Retired bus driver Dennis was a dad of eight and a granddad to 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He said last year that Violet would be his last baby.

He and Cora had been together since 2007, with the blessing of Dennis's first wife, Ros, 70, with whom he had five children.

Dennis and Cora were proud parents to Jonathan, three, and Jessie, two, as well as Violet.

The sprightly pensioner said at the time that he tried to keep fit and did not smoke or drink. He had said he was 'thrilled to bits' by new baby Violet, but admitted he was 'too old for any more', adding that he had thought 'oh my god, not another one!' when Cora had unexpectedly fallen pregnant whilst on the pill.

His family has not released a comment to the media on Dennis's passing.

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Such a horrible time for the family, but sadly something older parents have to think about?