19/03/2012 08:45 GMT | Updated 19/03/2012 09:01 GMT

Charlize Theron Nude: Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer (VIDEO)

A second trailer for the upcoming dark fairytale Snow White And The Huntsman has been released.

Featuring Charlize Theron as The Evil Queen, the tantalising clip features the South African blonde disrobing as she wades into a pool of water before emerging an alabaster white.

Theron plays the baddie opposite Kristen Stewart’s virtuous warrior princess. Chris Hemsworth is the huntsman training Stewart's character in the art of war.

Theron told USA today late last year: “Trust me, she’s dark. I’m preparing to play a serial killer. Watch out, Kristen.”

The film is scheduled to hit theatres in June.

This year Theron also stars in the highly anticipated action flick, "Prometheus," the Ridley Scott-directed "Alien" semi-prequel.