19/03/2012 17:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

PSYCHIC ALERT: Small Child Successfully Predicts Duchess Kate's Outfit?

From this picture it looks suspiciously like this small child successfully predicted Kate's basic ensemble for The Treehouse hospice formal opening - blue dress, black accessories and the small child adding the requisite bunch of flowers...

PSYCHIC ALERT: Small child successfully predicts Duchess Kate's outfit? Photo: PA

So what's going on?

Is the child revealing herself to be a psychic?

Is it a scathing comment on the fact you could throw a stick into Kate's official duty wardrobe and find it had knocked at least three blue dresses and five black belts off their hangers?

Or is it the light hitting the child's printed Duchess flag strangely and making the teal dress she wore recently to Leicester look a bit blue?

We're going to go with a) - the child is clearly a psychic.