19/03/2012 12:18 GMT

Sergey Larenkov, Russian Photographer, Creates Hitler's Day Out In Time-Travelling Photos

Europe’s cities have been defined by their turbulent history, but it’s difficult to imagine what life was like when you’re enjoying a mini-break or sipping a cappuccino at a pavement cafe.

For Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov, there was one way to try and re-create the past - by splicing together 70-year-old photographs with those from the present day from five European cities which witnessed the most conflict during the second World War.

After collecting the 1940s photographs, which depict military violence in Berlin, Hitler in Paris and soldiers in St Petersburg (originally Leningrad), Larenkov spent a year visiting the cities to capture the same shots where the action originally took place.

The two photographs were then digitally combined to create eerie time-travelling images which show just how much has changed, and in some cases, stayed the same.