20/03/2012 17:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Catwalk Crazy: The Weirdest Fashion Show We've Ever Seen

Fashion shows are often a bit of a spectacle (remember Fyodor Golan's glittering models?) but designer Oleksiy Zalevskiy took catwalk crazy to a whole new level during Ukrainian Fashion Week yesterday.

ukraine-fashion-week Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Yes, there were some of the craziest, twig embellished hairstyles we've ever seen at a show, but that was just half of it. A naked couple pushing oranges in wheelbarrows down the runway? Definitely a conversation starter (or perhaps, a stopper), but things only got stranger and stranger at the designer's Autumn/Winter presentation.

A model with half-moon shaped hair was carried by men in loincloths as she sat on top of a cage, before the entire cast decided to take a break, and lie down next to each other - sardines style - along the catwalk.

ukraine-fashion-week Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Weird enough for you? Suddenly, London doesn't look like the edgiest fashion destination on the show schedule.

Let us know how you rate Zalevskiy's crazy collection and see what our male colleagues thought of the weird and wonderful A/W style from LFW below.

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