Chinese Truck Owner Puts A Truck On His Truck On His Truck (PICTURE)

LOOK: Truck On A Truck On A Truck

"Keep on truckin'" is a phrase we all know - but it looks like one Chinese man has taken it to its illogical conclusion.

In an attempt to avoid road tolls for his new fleet of trucks, he decided to pile one on top of another... on top of another one.

Behold: the truck sandwich surprise! The sandwich filling being, of course, even more truck.

Traffic cops over at Anhui province, central China, weren't having any of it, however, giving Sun Lin a £500 fine after they spotted the vehicle.

Lin himself wasn't best pleased. "I wasn't going to pay three sets of tolls or for more drivers so I got the seller to use a crane to load them on top of each other," he said. "They were perfectly safe until the police interfered."

Sounds like he thought was in a Scooby Doo episode, almost. Just imagine three Mystery Machines on top of one another - now that would make an amazing picture, and no mistake.


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