21/03/2012 10:21 GMT | Updated 21/03/2012 10:23 GMT

New Jersey Devils Vs. New York Rangers Hockey Game Lasts Three Seconds Before A Fight Breaks Out (VIDEO)

There have been ice hockey brawls at Madison Square Garden before, of course - but none as speedy as this New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers punch-up.

With just three seconds on the clock, Rangers' Ryan Carter took umbrage with the Devils' Stu Bicke, ripping off their helmets and circling each other with an intent to give each other a good thumping.

Elsewhere, Cam Janssen and Brandon Prust also got in on the action, as did Eric Boulton and Michael Rupp, wrestling and shirt-pulling, punching and shunting.

The referees eventually got their act together to stop the debacle, but with the camera flashes going off everywhere, you can tell the crowd was keen to see the longtime rivals have at each other.

And the final score, once the players involved had been sent to the sin bin, was 4-2 for New York's Rangers. Unlucky Devils, unlucky. Still, at least you've got that time in Seinfeld when you beat 'em...