Engineer Constructs Flying 'Human Birdwings' Contraption - Real Or Fake? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Flying 'Human Birdwings' Video - Real Or Fake?

Sound the 'potentially fake video' alarm, because the one we've got for you today is an absolute doozie. Meet... Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets and his 'human bird wings'.

Posting the suspicious footage onto YouTube under the title 'Flying like a bird | part 14/14' on March 19, the clip shows Smeets flapping his way into the air, aided by a number of motors, muscle-boosting robotic prosthetics and a pair of massive plastic wings.

“I have always dreamed about this. But after eight months of hard work, research and testing it all payed off,” Smeets said after his minute-long feat of flight.

But though we want to be impressed by the Coventry University alumni's hard work, we can't help but cock a suspicious eyebrow in his general direction. The editing, the physics, the sheer impossibility of it all makes us wonder whether it's a load of old YouTube nonsense.

If you don't believe the clip and want to quiz the man himself about it all, get to Twitter and pose him a couple of questions yourself. Plus, he's got a website for you to look at too, so be sure to check that out if you're curious.

But before you do that, take part in our poll below and tell us what you think - a load of old nonsense or the beginning of a whole new mode of transport?


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