Dutch Man Suffers From Uncontrollable Laughter After Hip Operation (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Laughing Dutchman - Man Can't Stop Giggling After Hip Operation

Huug Bosse is a regular guy. Well, he was a regular guy until he had a hip operation and now can't stop laughing. As you do.

Suffering from an unusual reaction to the general anaesthetic he was given during the surgery, he now laughs at pretty much everything - even the fact that he's laughing himself.

His wife, Nolda, isn't that impressed with the whole thing, finding the constant laughter pretty irritating. But Huug, well, Huug doesn't really notice the difference - he's too busy laughing.

Fortunately for Huug, he's got a fantastic, infectious, chuckleworthy laugh that'll have you smiling in no time. So if you fancy pressing the subtitles button on the YouTube video above - as well as play, of course - then we can guarantee you approximately several giggles.

Oh, and if you want to see him cry - for some curious reason - that's easy enough too. All you've got to do is play the Dutch national anthem and he's blubbing like a baby. Don't believe us? You'll see.

And while we're talking about laughter, here's another giggle-filled classic: the baby who laughs when he rips paper. Ah, good times...


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