Gay Dads Barrie And Tony Drewitt-Barlow Want Baby Number Six!

Gay Dads Barrie And Tony Drewitt-Barlow Want Baby Number Six!


Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, who hit the headlines as Britain's first gay dads, are planning to have surrogate baby number six - and they want to make sure it is a little girl!

The couple have four sons and a daughter already, and want their sixth child to be a girl so their 12-year-old daughter Saffron is not outnumbered in the family.

The dads have eight frozen embryos in storage in the US, and will have them tested for gender before going ahead with their latest surrogate pregnancy.

Their decision is sure to spark debate about 'designer babies' as gender selection is against the law in the UK.

Speaking to the Mirror, 42-year-old Barrie said he was 'desperate' for another daughter, revealing that he worries he has not 'done right by Saff' by not giving her a sister, adding he would like a little girl called Honey.

He told the paper: "She's got a lot of female cousins and although she says she doesn't mind being the only girl I'd like another daughter."

Barrie also revealed he had to talk partner Tony into the sixth pregnancy as he was of the opinion they had enough children already and their family was complete!

"But I know we have eight embryos in that cryo-bank," Barrie said, "He said we could donate them to someone else – but even though they are only cells at the moment they still feel like my children."

The prospective dad-of-six added that they could end up with twins girls as it was 'procedure' to implant two embryos at once.

The millionaire couple first came into the public eye in 1999 when they made history by welcoming their twin babies Saffron and Aspen who they had fathered via an an egg donor and an American surrogate. They went on to have three more children, Orlando, eight, and twin boys Dallas and Jasper, two.

They eventually launched their own surrogacy centre, and are said to be currently working to help H from Steps, 35, and his partner, actor Craig Ryder, 34 become parents.

Wow! What do you think about this? SIX children!