Harry Styles: 'The Springs Have Gone On My Mattress'... Ooh-Err

'The Springs Have Gone On My Mattress'

Harry Styles' financial adviser - and his female companions - will be glad to hear his first big purchase will be an extra-comfy new bed.

One Direction have gone down a storm over in the States and the boys are celebrating after their debut album, Up All Night, made history by selling 176,000 copies in its first week of release.

A successful career in the US will ensure the band will rake in a fortune in advertising and touring deals and Harry can't wait to spend his money on updating his bedroom.

The star, who has dated older TV presenter Caroline Flack, admits he needs a new bed after breaking his mattress springs.

"I hear those memory foam ones are good. I need one of those."

One Direction's massive sales in America broke a world record after they became the first British group to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, and Harry admits he is still stunned by their instant success Stateside.

He adds: "We're just five normal lads from the UK. What has happened to us is incredible.

"I know it sounds like a massive cliche but it's truly amazing - it's what dreams are made of.

"Just over a year ago we were five boys who didn't know each other. Now we're five best friends and having amazing things happen to us.

"We really are truly grateful to every one of our fans, to anyone who has ever supported us in any way. We just want to thank everyone, everyone is amazing."



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