Hunger Games Or Harry Potter? How Well Do You Know Young Adult Fiction? (QUIZ)

Hunger Games vs Harry Potter - Test Your Knowledge!

The Hunger Games is opening at UK cinemas this month, and in case you've missed the wave of teen hysteria across the western world - it's going to be big.

For the uninitiated, The Hunger Games is a novel in a Sci-Fi Young Adult fiction trilogy of the same name created by author Suzanne Collins, and ever since it was published in 2008, the series has been capturing the imaginations of readers around the world.

Like other Young Adult fiction success series The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter, The Hunger Games is famously getting a big-screen makeover, and all the fan group and media chatter to boot.

But we don't want to forget The Hunger Games' humble, but brilliant origins - on the written page.

The first two books (the aforementioned The Hunger Games and its successor, Catching Fire) made it into the New York Times best seller list, only to be trumped by the third novel in the series Mockingjay. This is no Sweet Valley High.

Likewise, hardcore Potter fans will always maintain that it was J.K Rowling's written words which made them fall in love with Hogwarts - after all, the films nearly always miss the best bits out.

And so, to celebrate these blockbusters' bookish beginnings, we've created a little quiz to test your knowledge of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games books, rather than films - although having encyclopaedic knowledge of Harry's imdb pages may help.

All you need to do is decide whether the unusual vocabulary below is from the Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games trilogy. No cheating, now!


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