'Mad Men' - The 8-Bit YouTube Game (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fancy Playing The 8-Bit 'Mad Men' Game?

With the fifth season of the critically acclaimed, '60s-set Madison Avenue drama set to hit our screens on Sunday 25, the anticipation amongst Mad Men fans has reached fever pitch.

Backgrounds have been changed, screensavers tweaked, tweets tweeted - all in honour of a TV show about people in advertising. Star Jon Hamm has been doing the press rounds, and the cast even opened the New York Stock Exchange, such is the cultural clout of this show of shows.

But perhaps the most gobsmacking example of Mad Men fanboydom is this, the 8-bit Mad Men game that sees Betty and Don rendered in blocky, old school graphics... just the way you weren't expecting them.

In other words, with this being a YouTube video game, it's not exactly Xbox standard, but for fans who are bored of 'Mad Menning themselves' over and over, it's a solid use of the next ten minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Roger Sterling is going to fire you unless you click play immediately!


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