Mark Wahlberg Desperate For Role In US 'Headhunters', Norwegian Star Aksel Hennie Approves

Wahlberg Desperate To Be Headhunted

Norwegian film star Aksel Hennie has given Mark Wahlberg the thumbs up to take on his role in the US remake of new thrillerHeadhunters.

Aksel plays art thief Roger Brown in the hilarious and gripping new film, based on Jo Nesbo's novel, which is to be released in UK cinemas on April 6, and has already been signed up to be remade by Hollywood following its festival success.

Wahlberg is already a huge fan of the film and recently revealed he has "pleaded" with the studio to let him be a part of the English-language remake.

Aksel revealed at a special screening of the film at London's Saatchi Gallery: "Mark Wahlberg is a guy I idolise. I think he's fantastic. If he would do the movie and play Roger Brown I would love it and I could learn from him."

Aksel attended the special preview of the film as part of the Jameson Cult Film Club with Synnove Lund, who plays his stunning wife Diana and producer, Marianne Gray.

Synnove Lund and Aksel Hennie attended last night's screening at the Saatchi Gallery

Synnove makes her acting debut in the film as she was previously a film reviewer on Norwegian television who had reviewed Aksel's films.

Aksel said: "We tried out all the actresses in Norway and we didn't think the girl we were looking for existed. But when I read the script I pictured Synnove and I said let's try her. And she was an amateur but she was so professional."

Over 600 movie fans packed into the Saatchi Gallery to watch the film, which also stars Game Of Thrones hunk Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and were treated to Jameson cocktails and living art installations inspired by the film.

Headhunters is in UK cinemas from 6 April. Watch the trailer below:


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