Mums Fight Outside Kids' School After Falling Out On Facebook

Mums Fight Outside Kids' School After Falling Out On Facebook


A pair of young mums have appeared before a Scottish Sheriff Court after a Facebook row escalated and resulted in a FIGHT outside their kids' school.

Joanna McVey, 25, and Lorraine Couper's argument became physical near Dunblane Primary School - where 16 children and their teacher were shot dead in 1996 - after they fell out on the social networking site.

McVey was fined £190 at Stirling Sheriff Court after she admitted breach of the peace and acting in a disorderly manner. She pleaded not guilty to assaulting Couper with a dog lead, a plea which was accepted.

The women's disagreement began just before Christmas last year, when Couper moaned that a mutual friend had not been invited to a party thrown by McVey, the Daily Record reports.

Their discussion became heated, and furious messages were exchanged, one of which, from Couper to McVey was read out to the court.

It said: "Gie us a shout when your children are in bed. I'll come round and we can sort this out. I'll get a knife and stick it right up your a***."

In another, Couper wrote: "You better bring your ­tomahawk, AK47 and a knife with you."

Prosecutor Emma Whyte told the court that the accused approached McVey the following day and said: " Come on then. We'll sort this out now. Square go."

After dropping their ­children off at school at 9am they began brawling nearby.

Sheriff William Gilchrist told the women: "What makes this ­especially unedifying is that it was outside your own ­children's school."

Shocking stuff! Does anything like this happen at your school?!