One Direction's Childhood Pics Revealed! (PHOTOS)

One Direction's Family Album

One Directionettes, get ready to squeal - we've managed to get hold of the family albums belonging to the lads.

They may be taking America by storm after their album Up All Night zoomed in at No.1 on the Billboard chart, but once upon a time they were five normal little boys with bad haircuts and dodgy clothes.

Little did they know the future held hoards of screaming girls, global chart success and for one member, an age-gap relationship with a hot telly presenter.

But with their cheeky grins and boyish charm, it's clear to see some things haven't changed a bit over the last decade or so.

So if you think you can handle the cuteness, take a flick through the pages of their family album and see if you can guess which directioner is which.

One Direction's Family Album

One Direction Family Album


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