Seal Vs. Fish... But Who Wins? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Seal Takes On Fish... But Who Wins?

So imagine you're a seal. As a seal, you probably fancy having some fish.

But what if the fish is on land, flapping away from you at a surprising pace after being caught by a human with some sort of rod thing? Would you chase down that fish? Would you grab that fish? Would you be seal enough?

We reckon you'd be seal enough. You're reading Huffington Post UK Comedy, of course you'd be seal enough. You're an excellent human being, so you'd probably be an excellent seal.

Why the silly seal chat? Well, that's because just that happened to a real-life seal - and what's more, it was caught on camera. So to see the footage of what occurred that fateful, fishy day, click play above, and for more seal-based video funtimes, check out the video gallery we've got for you below.


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