'Sherlock' Creator Steven Moffat Miffed By US Version, Starring Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu

Sherlock Creator Miffed By US Version

Sherlock co-creator and writer Steven Moffat has reportedly admitted that he is "annoyed" about plans for a US version of the hit show.

British actor Jonny Lee Miller is set to star as the famous sleuth in the pilot announced by US network CBS, while former Charlie's Angels actress Lucy Liu has been cast as a female Doctor Watson.

But according to BBC Online, Moffat said at the Royal Television Society Awards that he wasn't happy about the drama, Elementary, which features Sherlock Holmes in New York.

"It isn't a version of our show. They've just decided to go off and do one of their own, having been turned down by us to do an adaptation of our version," he was quoted as saying.

"So how do you think I feel about it? Annoyed is in there."

Moffat, who this week unveiled new Doctor Who sidekick Jenna-Louise Coleman, said: "The bigger problem for us with Elementary is, what if it's terrible? What if it's awful? Then it degrades the brand."

Benedict Cumberbatch won acclaim for his performance as Sherlock in the UK drama, set in 21st Century London, which is set to return for a third series.

And here's a video which tells us... never believe an actor...


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