Batmobile Street Race, Anyone? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Batmobile Street Race - Which Is Faster?

It's the stuff nerds' dreams are made of - two batmobiles going head-to-head in a drag race. And no, before you ask, they didn't get ahold of Christopher Nolan's Tumbler, just the 1960s and Burton editions.

Created by the Machinima network's 'Bat In The Sun' channel, it's an unashamedly geeky couple of minutes, hosted by a nerd-friendly red-haired host who eventually - as you'll see in the extended version below - strips down to her underwear and starts washing one of the cars with a sponge and a bucket of soapy water.

As we say, it's unashamedly geeky.

A cut-down, just-the-race-and-nothing-else version can be found above if you want to avoid all that naughtiness, and if you feel that the merest idea of something so blatant is making you feel unwell, may we point you in the direction of this bear on a swing. He makes everything better, this bear.


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