23/03/2012 07:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wayne Rooney Apologises On Twitter For Breaking Boy's Arm

Wayne Rooney apologises on Twitter for breaking youngster's arm Newsteam/Youtube

Jamie Thomas has become a hero at his primary school – after footballer Wayne Rooney broke his arm!

His school pals gathered round him to sign his cast and hear about the day he came a cropper because of the lethal footwork of a footballing legend.

Nine-year-old Jamie, from Wem, Shropshire, went to Molineux Stadium last Sunday to watch his Manchester United heroes play Wolves.

After taking his seat with his dad Andy, the two watched the players warming up on the pitch.

When Rooney's wayward shot headed his way, Jamie tried to block the shot, but the force of it broke his wrist.

He ended up missing most of the match, which United won 5-0, as he received treatment from first-aiders and was then taken to hospital.

Rooney, who was unaware of the incident at the time, has now said sorry to Jamie on Twitter, and revealed he will be sending the youngster a signed shirt.

He said: "If i broke this kids wrist in warm up i apologise. If the kids parents get in touch with club i will gladly sign a shirt for him."

Minutes later he added: "I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas, I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address #getwellsoon"

Jamie's father Andy told the Shropshire Star: "It was his first Man United game and we were in the Wolves end because somebody got us tickets.

"We were sat on the first row right at the front. We were with my nephew, Jamie's uncle, his sister and her brother.


The players were warming up and Rooney and Hernandez were taking a few shots. Rooney missed one and it was coming straight towards Jamie so he put out his hands to stop it hitting him and it broke his wrist.


"At first we thought it was just bruising but Jamie wasn't enjoying the game so we went to first aid. We ended up missing most of the second half.

"They wanted us to go to Wolverhampton hospital but we were catching the train so we went to Shrewsbury instead.

"They said it was a clean break and he has to go back in a couple of weeks.

"He went back to school yesterday and has had his friends signing his cast. He can't write with his hand and we are having to help him get changed."

He added: "It shook him up a bit but he's fine about it now and I don't think it's put him off going to other games.

"I don't think Rooney realised what he had done otherwise I am sure he would have come over."