27/03/2012 15:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Doctor Who Companion Is A Natural Beauty At Titanic Premiere

The stars of ITV's drama Titanic met the stars of James Cameron's movie epic Titanic on the red carpet for the film's 3D iteration. Amongst them was Jenna Louise Coleman - recently named as the newest Doctor Who companion.

New Doctor Who companion is a natural beauty at Titanic premiere Photo: Getty

Jenna opted for a low-key look at the premiere which showed off her natural beauty without doing that incredibly impolite thing of trying to steal the main star's thunder (the main star in this case being Kate Winslet, whose thunder you can read all about here)!

A block coloured drape-y strapless dress with open toed shoes kept the fashion side of things simple but chic, while the slightly undone updo said "Yes, I know it's a red carpet but I'm totally chilled about it all".

Beauty-wise, Jenna stuck to neutral browns and pinks which accentuated her natural prettiness.

Arm candy-wise, there was a black purse and a cute boy - good work!