28/03/2012 08:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Holly Willoughby Reveals How She Juggles Being A Mum With Presenting Two Flagship TV Shows

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby has revealed how the pressures of juggling being a mum with her demanding telly career have brought her and husband Dan Baldwin closer together.

The 31 year-old mum-of-two to Harry, three, and Belle, 11 months, presents both ITV's This Morning and BBC's Saturday night talent show, The Voice.

But despite the pressure Holly reckons she has got the work-life balance ideal "nailed".

In an interview with Fabulous magazine, she said: "It's about finding a balance and I think we've got it most of the time. We have a nanny, and also get a lot of support from both our mums.

"Five weeks after I had Harry I was back at work on The Xtra Factor.


But my mum came on the road with me and it was a flexible set-up, meaning I could record some links and then go off to breastfeed.


"I consider my work to be part-time. Most weeks I do four mornings, and whenever things start heading into the territory of being full-time I start reining it in.

"I also get a massive chunk of time off in the summer and I ringfence that and protect it with my life. Any job offers during that time are a complete no."

Holly said she didn't feel she was able to take extended maternity leave due to the fast-paced and fickle television industry.

"The thing about TV is that you can't just take three years off, because people move on quickly and you're forgotten about," she said.

"I'm freelance, so I've got to keep my finger in the pie. But I only do what feels right."

Holly and TV producer Dan will have been married five years this August, and having children has cemented what was already a rock-solid relationship.


Being parents has brought us closer together and the dynamics between us are constantly developing," she said.


"When we were boyfriend and girlfriend, getting engaged made things more intense.

"Then marriage did the same, and now having children together it's more intense than ever.

"We make time for each other, and that doesn't necessarily mean going out on a date.

"Some nights it can mean opening a bottle of wine and having a debrief about the day.

"Once we've put the kids to bed we're often exhausted, but we try not to have too many evenings where one of us is downstairs watching the football and the other is upstairs watching Midsomer Murders.

"Not that I'm saying that never happens... There are some days when that's exactly what happens!"

Congratulations, Holly, it really sounds like you have the work family balance sorted.