30/03/2012 11:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dads Spend Less Than An Hour A Day With Their Sons

Dad and son PA

New research has found that dads of young boys are spending less than an hour a day with their sons.

Instead of one-to-one time, hard working fathers are reportedly relying on texts or phone calls to keep in touch with their kids.

The study into father-and-son bonding also found that almost all those dads with sons between five and 10 say they regret not spending 'quality time' together doing things like bike riding or playing football.

Most of the dads polled - 48 per cent - blamed their work for their lack of time, citing long and exhausting working hours. Many of them - 35 per cent - said their working life even ate into their weekends.

Even taking into account the time dads did manage to spend with their boys at the weekend, the researchers worked out that typically, men are spending just 56 minutes a day with their young sons - but 18 per cent admitted they only manage 15 minutes.

Toy manufacturer Bandai who commissioned the poll said: "It's worrying as bon­d­ing time is vital, according to parenting experts. Some boys never get to see their dad during the week. A few moments on the phone is no substitute for face-to-face time."

Bit shocking isn't it? Or is this representative of what goes on in your family?