30/03/2012 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Woman Died From Asbestos Exposure After Childhood Cuddles With Dad

Annette Bhatti: Woman died from asbestos exposure after childhood cuddles with dad Solent News

A woman has died from mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos as a child. Annette Bhatti passed away at the age of 49, but contracted the disease after cuddling her dad in his asbestos caked clothes every night as a child.

Her father Lawrence Ramplee worked in a shipyard from the 1950s onwards, but had no idea of the dangers of the dust on his clothes. He now blames himself for the death of his daughter.

An inquest heard that mum-of-two Annette was exposed to the dust from birth until she left home at 18. As well as cuddling her dad in his work clothes, she would also help her mum launder them - often after he had been cutting 10ft asbestos sheets by hand.

Coroner Keith Wiseman recorded a verdict of death due to industrial disease and told the hearing in Southampton: "Tragically, Mr Ramplee recalls giving his daughter a hug when he got home before he changed. She was exposed to dust fibres from a young age."

Annette, who lived in Southampton, was diagnosed with the cancer in June, 2010. A month later, she married her long-term partner, Bal Bhatti. She died in December, 2011.

Her OAP dad was described by her brother Stuart as 'broken' and totally devastated: "He blames himself," he said.

It was ruled on Wednesday that insurance firms were liable for payouts when victims were exposed to asbestos rather than when they developed mesothelioma.