Happy International Carrot Day! Celebrities Who Favour The Orange Hue (PICTURES)

Happy International Carrot Day! Celebrities Who Favour The Orange Hue (PICTURES)

It’s International Carrot Day! Of course it is. According to official literature this momentous day was founded in 2003 to celebrate the orange vegetable and all its nutritional attributes.

As well as being one of the more humorously shaped vegetables likely to end up on your plate, carrots are packed with Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene.

They are about 87% water and yes, it’s true: eating too many of them can cause your skin to turn a yellowish orange – particularly your palms or the soles of your feet. Take young Leo Barnett from Hampshire, who suffers from hyper-beta carotenemia and is sadly no longer able to indulge in the crunchy snack.

Despite this rather unfortunate side-effect, carrot day celebrations have been held in France, Italy, Sweden, Russia and Japan, but for many, it’s not just a yearly occurrence.

For some figures in the public eye, every day is carrot day. Yes, we’re talking about those who actively favour an orange hue as opposed to the skin they were born in.

Whether its Katie Price's tangerine hue, Valentino's shades of mahogany or Lady Victoria's favoured shade of pumpkin, we'd like to commend these celebrities for their efforts in publicising a truly good cause.

While these citrus hues show true devotion to the root vegetable in question, one woman has taken her love for the orange spear to even further extremes.

Zizi Howell revealed 35 carrots tattooed across her body and more than 1,000 carrot-themed items in her home on a recent episode of My Crazy Obsession.

She uses carrots as hair rollers and was even filmed taking a selection of her savoury friends to a punk rock concert. As you do.

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