03/04/2012 12:54 BST

Tonight's TV Pick: Mad Men, Who Do You Think You Are? (Lionel Richie)

Away in Devon bonding with nature for three whole days. It was beautiful, but I did miss my telly. Safely back in the fold, and here are our picks of tonight's box-providing entertainment.

Mad Men - 9pm, Sky Atlantic

We're not getting much by way of advance info for this series, I'm afraid, which of course all adds to the hype. But we do know that Jon Hamm, the man behind Don Draper, is also sitting in the director's chair for this episode. Hamm is a laid-back, modest man by all accounts, which may mean the camera doesn't get to linger lovingly on his furrowed brow through the blinds in its normal fashion. Instead, no doubt, we'll see lots of Peggy Olson in her expanding role at Sterling Cooper.

The Undateables - 9pm, Channel 4

There's already been debate about this documentary - empathetic or exploitative, you decide - which follows a group of people limited by their physical conditions, but as keen for romance as anyone else. It's already come in for a knocking - by one blogger on this site, for example - while Channel 4 are insistent they have been sensitive and supportive of the people they portray.

Who Do You Think You Are - 10.35pm, BBC1

The BBC are having one of those weeks, where they put their loving arms around an enduring entertainer. This week, it's Lionel Richie - and not before time! As well as a BBC4 documentary and concert footage, the enduring crooner gets the Who Do You Think You Are treatment, which takes him to Nashville and the secrets of his great-grandfather, by whom he's infectiously moved.

Images from tonight's Mad Men...

Mad Men Series 5 Episode 2