Thusha Kamaleswaran, Six-Year-Old Girl Shot In Stockwell, 'Just Wants To Dance Again'

Six-Year-Old Girl Shot By Gangsters 'Just Wants To Dance Again'

Having spent a year in hospital after being shot in Stockwell, six-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran says she can't wait to get back to normal and dance again, like she used to.

But tragically it's unlikely she will ever get that chance.

Kamaleswaran was left paralysed after she was hit by a bullet in her uncle's shop - but even now she is home again her parents haven't been able to tell her.

Asked what she is looking forward to most, Kamaleswaran said: "School, and doing my other dance, and playing." She also said she would like to train as a doctor.

But her mother Sharmila says that she is still "very worried for the future of our daughter" and described her heartbreak at the tragedy.

A bullet hit the girl in the chest and passed through the seventh vertebra of her spine, leaving her wheelchair-bound for life.

Shopper Roshan Selvakumar was shot in the face in the same attack, and has been left with bullet fragments permanently lodged in his head.

Recently three drug dealers were convicted of the shooting.

They were looking for a rival gang member when one mindlessly opened fire into the Stockwell Food and Wine shop.

Take a look at the exclusive interview, above.


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