07/04/2012 03:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Amanda Holden: BGT Can't Sack Me After Birth Trauma

Amanda Holden and family

If you can't keep up with which judge is in and who's out in Britain's Got Talent, then mum-of-two Amanda Holden has news for you - she reckons Simon Cowell would have a hard job sacking her because she has the public's sympathy after her traumatic recent childbirth.

She told the Express magazine: "Someone asked how I felt about Alesha Dixon, a younger woman, coming on Britain's Got Talent as a judge. I thought, 'So what? I look all right for my age. I can carry a frock. What are you saying?' Things like that never bothered me. After what's happened, little things just can't bother me. Also, I'm really hard to sack after what has happened to me. Come and try!"

The 41-year-old star was left fighting for her life in January when her heart stopped beating after a massive haemorrhage during the birth of her second child Hollie.

Amanda also joked that she limits her contact with the show's boss and fellow judge Simon Cowell to when they are working together so he remembers her as always 'fabulous'.

"Away from Britain's Got Talent, we don't really contact each other. We text each other the odd time, but I basically stay off his radar. That way when he seems me he remembers how fabulous I am. I like to give him little doses of Mandy, too much Mandy is a fatal thing."

Alesha Dixon and David Walliams have joined the judging panel this year and Amanda is thrilled that the Little Britain funnyman pokes fun at show boss Simon.

She added: "This year thanks to David Walliams, Simon was literally pinching his nose when he laughed, He will hate me for saying this but he snorts when he laughs for real and he has to pinch his nose to stop it....Simon's got a brilliant sense of humour but I would never take the risk."

She says her near-death experience has given her an increased gratitude for life with husband, music producer Chris Hughes, and daughters Lexi and Hollie. "It's a weird thing but for every disaster, and every good thing that happens to me, I always think, 'What's the lesson?' And with this, I didn't really need a kick up the backside to enjoy life more, but OK – now I'm even more grateful for everything I have. I've never been someone who worries over the little things in life, but now I'm more like that than ever."

Not to denigrate in any way what she has been through over the past year, but we wonder how many women could claim that their births made their jobs secure, even as a joke.
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