11/04/2012 18:28 BST | Updated 12/04/2012 04:44 BST

Kevin Costner Tells Anderson Cooper... Princess Diana In Talks For 'Bodyguard 2'

Kevin Costner has made the sensational claim that Princess Diana was interested, properly, all joking aside, in the prospect of making The Bodyguard 2 with him.

The American actor told talk show host Anderson Cooper: "Diana and I had been talking about doing Bodyguard 2. I told her I would take care of her just the same way that I took care of Whitney.

'She let me know that her life might be changing at some point, so she was having her own internal struggles."

Costner claimed he never brought the subject of the film up in public after Princess Diana's death in August 1997, but admitted it to a reporter about a year later.

He said: "She wanted me to write it for her. I said, 'I'll tailor it for you if you're interested.' She goes, 'I am interested.'"

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Costner spoke at the funeral of his original Bodyguard co-star Whitney Houston in February.

He told Cooper that he had written a couple of letters to her after their time on screen together, at the prompting of a friend of hers, who thought it might help the troubled star.

Costner said: "She would always be someone I appreciated. I saw pretty much what everyone else saw. But when someone asked me to write a letter I did. I don't know if those letters were ever read."