11/04/2012 08:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Nine-Year-Old Autistic Boy Rescued After Getting Stuck In Chimney

A terrified boy with autism had to be rescued by firefighters after he got trapped seven feet down a chimney!

The nine-year-old climbed onto the roof and then slipped down the narrow chimney and got stuck for up to 45 minutes, ABC4 News reported.

Unable to free himself, he cried out for help. Thankfully, his mother recognised his muffled cries and went to look for him outside.

She eventually found him stuck in the chimney shaft and called the emergency services. Firefighters arrived at her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, soon after.

Nine year-old autistic boy's rescue after getting stuck in chimney The Salt Lake Tribune

Specially trained firefighters climbed to the roof of the home and found the boy crying inside the shaft.

They lowered ropes into the chimney and instructed the boy to slide his hands through the loops and after 45 minutes, lifted him out.

The boy was taken to hospital for checks.

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