12/04/2012 09:09 BST | Updated 09/05/2012 08:22 BST

Adorable Short Film 'Caine's Arcade' Shows The World How To Have Fun With Cardboard Boxes And Sellotape (VIDEO)

Caine Monroy may be just nine years old, but he's already got a few things going for him.

For starters, he's the proud owner of 'Caine's Arcade', an arcade made entirely out of cardboard, sticky tape and old toys - then there's his legions of fans that suddenly flashmobbed him one morning, after weeks and weeks of no customers. Perhaps pop had something to do with that, eh?

Devised by the youngster to keep himself entertained while his dad worked inside in his auto parts store, Caine's Arcade is a Blue Peter fan's dream come to life, a homemade and fun-filled wonderland that opens out onto an east Los Angeles street.

His whole journey, from bored kid to talk of the town, was documented by short film maker Nirvan, and was produced by Interconnected. The resulting video has gone viral quicker than you can say 'utterly adorable nine-year-old', with nearly a million hits to its Vimeo and YouTube pages.

What's more, advertising revenues and downloads of the Caine's Arcade song have helped the little fella earn over $100,000 in college tuition fees, which are set to be put in a trust fund to help the Sellotape-loving tyke in later life.

In other words, consider your day adorablified (our term) - but if that isn't enough, here are some otters holding hands and swimming. Now you're adorabilified for sure...