13/04/2012 11:24 BST

Vietnamese Traffic Cop Clings To Bus Windscreen As Driver Tries To Escape Fine (VIDEO)

A Vietnamese traffic warden was so enraged after a bus driver tried to drive away before he could give him a fixed penalty notice, that he leapt onto the front of the bus and clung on to the windscreen.

In the incredible video (above) the warden, revealed to be Nguyen Manh Phan refuses to let the driver get away without paying, going to lengths far beyond the call of duty.

Clinging only to the wipers on the front of the rickety old bus, the warden refused to give up.

His efforts were not in vain as, eventually, the driver of the bus, Phung Hong Phuong, was convinced to pull over by trailing police, ending the warden's bizarre, brave adventure.

Curiously, the driver has already served four years in prison for his involvement in a fatal traffic accident and faces the prospect of another three in prison for 'acting against public officials'.

The only thing missing was John Williams' classic Indiana Jones theme.