13/04/2012 03:18 BST | Updated 12/06/2012 06:12 BST

Ronnie Corbett Recovering After Hospitalisation

Poorly Ronnie Corbett has been struck down with another bout of bad health, which forced him to spend two nights in hospital earlier this week.

The Two Ronnies legend was at home in Croydon recovering after a brief hospitalisation after he complained of feeling unwell.

The beloved 81-year-old comic spent two evening under doctors' watch, but his wife Anne insists the star is now feeling "bright and breezy" after his scare.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "It was just a little blip. He wasn't feeling right so they took him in. They were magic.

"They did everything they could. They don't know what it was but he's OK now.

"I think it's because he pushes too hard. He needs to rest."

Ronnie gave fans a fright earlier this year after he was hospitalised after collapsing at a Chinese meal to celebrate being in the Queen's New Year's Honours list.

The illness knocked the star for six, so much so he was sent to rehab by doctors who feared he was suffering from depression.

He told the Daily Mail, "My GP thought I was suffering from depression or anxiety. He wanted an expert opinion, so he said: 'I'm sending you to a very nice man who knows all the medication you're on.'"

Corbett agreed to the expert consultation and was relieved when he was told he was not suffering from depression.

He adds, "After 10 minutes of chat, the psychiatrist said: 'I've got a feeling you should be sitting where I am.'"