'Boobstagram': Post Pictures Of Your Bosoms In The Name Of Breast Cancer Awareness (PICTURES)

'Boobstagram': Post Pictures Of Your Bosoms In The Name Of Breast Cancer Awareness (PICTURES)

Imagine a website of just breasts. Nothing more. It’s not hard, the internet is flooded with them.

But imagine one that’s for a good cause. Yes, that’s right. You can settle down and spend a good half-hour or so (perhaps not in the office) perusing pages and pages of breasts without an ounce of guilt.

Working off the tagline “showing your breasts on the internet is good, showing them to your doctor is better”, Boobstagram is the brainchild of two Frenchmen who have painstakingly compiled thousands of Instagrams of women's bosoms.

The claim is this will to encourage people to keep abreast (ahem) of awareness of the disease, which claims the lives of nearly half a million women worldwide every year.

Boobstagram founders Julien GLT and Lionel Pourtau say they tried to create a fun prevention campaign “when most campaigns use fear”. It strives to “avoid the pitfall of moralism” and “be heard in the public arena overwhelmed with messages”.

Well, wall to wall breasts is certainly one way of achieving these aims.

Literature on the website adds: “By using this approach and targeting young people, those most comfortable with new technologies and most comfortable with unconventional messages, we attempt to raise awareness amongst those who must change their behaviour today, in order to changed their future tomorrow.”

Although National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October, the official website advocates all efforts to “raising awareness and educating individuals about breast cancer throughout the year.”

Does Boobstagram get the relevant message across? What do you think?


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