17/04/2012 08:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Abandons Newborn Baby In Dublin Hotel And Flies To Germany

Newborn baby and mother's hands PA

A mum abandoned her baby in a Dublin hotel and flew to Germany.

The woman had taken a room at the Glen Guest House in the city on Friday, arriving with her little boy of just two weeks old.

She then checked out at 5.30 on Saturday morning - but left her baby in the hotel room.

The baby was discovered in the room by a cleaner at 8am. His mum was, by then, on a plane to Frankfurt.

The Irish Sun reports that the little boy was taken to Temple Street Children's hospital to be checked over, and that his mother told German police officers that she 'wanted nothing to do with it'.

The baby's grandparents are thought to be travelling to Ireland to take the child to Germany.

An employee at the Glen hotel, Goran Josifov, 34, told The Sun that the baby was discovered when the cleaner heard his cries whilst she was cleaning another room. He said: "She went to the room and noticed the room was one where the occupant had checked out and couldn't believe the baby was all alone. I didn't get to meet the mum but I saw her leave on the CCTV and we're in shock at something like this happening."

He said that the police arrived at the scene 'within minutes' and that the cleaner who had found him was 'shaking at finding a baby on their own.'

Irish police officers spoke to German police and confirmed the child's mother told them that she did not want anything to do with the baby. They are now investigating the possibility of child neglect.

A police source told the Sun: "This is an unusual case and this type of incident very rarely happens in Dublin.

"Gardai [Irish police] have made contact with their colleagues in Germany and the baby's grandparents will be coming to collect him.

"The baby is doing well and staff at the hostel have to be praised for finding him."