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25 Stone Mum Was So Fat Her Kids Had To Take Her To The Toilet

Closer magazine

Food addict
mum Dawn Price became so obese her children had to take her to the toilet.

At 25st and size 33, she found herself unable to carry out even simple tasks.

She couldn't tie her own shoes without help from her daughter Jessica, now 19, and twins Emily and Lloyd, now 14.

But most humiliating of all, she couldn't go to the toilet on her own as she was so big, she couldn't reach round far enough to wipe her bottom.

Dawn, 41, from Caerphilly, South Wales, told Closer magazine: "It was so degrading. Every time I needed to go to the loo, I'd have to call one of the kids. I hated it, but there was nothing I could do."

Dawn eventually hit rock bottom and realised something had to change. So she joined a slimming club and managed to lose an amazing 9st in two years.

Dawn, who's 5ft 5, started gaining weight aged five, when her parents split.

25 stone mum was so fat her kids had to take her to the toilet Dawn before her incredible weight loss. Pic: Closer magazine

She said: "I'd only see Dad at weekends and, to make up for it, he'd buy me chocolate. I began associating food with love and my comfort-eating spiralled."

By the time Dawn was 13, she was 13st.

She said: "I was deeply insecure and hated my size."

She would tuck into bacon butties for breakfast, pies for lunch and takeaways for dinner, consuming more than 5,000 calories a day.

Then, in 1993, she fell pregnant with Jessica as a result of a brief fling, and her weight went up to 18st.

By the time she had her twins with long-term partner Darren in 1998, she'd gained another stone, then continued to gain weight over the next 10 years.

Aged 39, Dawn split with Darren and her weight went up to over 25st.

She said: "I hated my looks but, when I felt down, I'd turn to food. I'd get out of breath just walking a few steps.


Jessica had to yank me out of bed and all three kids had to help me in and out of the bath. I felt so ashamed putting my kids through that, just because I couldn't stop eating. I'd cry and apologise, but they'd say they didn't mind looking after me.


In 2009, Dawn reached her lowest point.

She said: "I was looking at a picture of my twins and suddenly realised I might not be around to see them grow up."

After joining a slimming club, she lost an incredible 9st 3lbs and is now 16st 6lbs, a lot of which is down to the loose skin she's gained from dropping weight quickly at the start of her diet.

She said: "I suffer from asthma, but can look after myself now. I'm no longer a burden to my children. I'm lucky to have such amazing kids. We now spend time together properly and go to the cinema or shops."

Go Dawn!

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