Vi Hart Makes Maths 'Cool' With Doodle Art

If you want to make a career from doodling you'd better be ready to take on Vi Hart, the Stony Brook University music graduate and self-titled recreational mathematician whose 'doodling in math class' videos have attracted thousands of youtube fans.

"I want to spend a week carving fruit up into polyhedra, and where am I going to get a job doing that?" said Hart to The New York Times, who reportedly earned $300 in one week off the advertising revenue from her YouTube views.

Although Hart has never studied maths, her computer science professor turned sculptor father George W. Hart took her to a computational geometry conference aged 13, where she was 'hooked immediately'.

“It was so different from school, where you are surrounded by this drudgery and no one is excited about it,” she told The New York Times.

Since graduating she has become inspired to make maths cool and her website features a selection of maths and art video mash-ups, including other math class doodles Snake + Graphs and Sick Number Games

If you want to see more science and art, head to Intersections, a new exhibition celebrating Henry Moore's obsession with the precise mathematics of geometric form, which opened this month at The Royal Society, London.