19/04/2012 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Over-Reaction? Parents Make Daughter, 8, Wear Sign At School Admitting She Had Been Stealing

How far would you go to teach your children right from wrong?

Dad Montrail White from Illinois, was determined to prove a point when he found out his eight-year-old daughter Amiyah had been stealing.

He fashioned a sign that said 'I like to steal from others and lie about it' and made her wear it around her neck. In front of her school friends.

He sent her to High Mount Elementary School wearing the sign, and forced her to stand in the car park while her friends and teachers went into school.

While Montrail claims he just wanted her to understand what she did was wrong, the school wasn't having any of it, and called the police, who ordered him off the property.

Claiming Montrail had sworn loudly 15 times, High Mount School Superintendent Michael Brink told KSDK: "It's his right to discipline his child how he sees fit, within reason.

"Our concern is he's trying to do it in the middle of a very, very busy parking lot while screaming profanities."

Montrail and wife Melissa say the school intervened in their disciplining Amiyah.

"Here I am trying to teach my daughter right from wrong and there isn't anything I can really do because a police officer yelled at her daddy and threatened to lock him up," said Montrail.

"I'd rather have this now than have something in the paper later about my daughter that's worse. I'd do it again tomorrow."

Poor Amiyah, who wants to be a nurse, says she understands why her dad did what he did, saying: "He did it because he loved me. He doesn't want me to end up in jail when I'm older. He wants me to have a good future."

What do you make of this? Extreme parenting?