19/04/2012 09:24 BST

Weather Forecast UK: Coldest May For 100 Years On Its Way

Wintry weather is set to sweep across Britain in what has been forecast as the coldest May in 100 years.

Weather experts have predicted bitter blasts across the country, with threats of thunderstorms and giant hailstones smashing windows in the north of Britain.

Temperatures could drop to -2C while the thunderstorms could cause localised flooding. Snow is also expected, says independent forecaster WeatherAction who said they "made the forecast public because of its importance."

The east of the country is expected to be the worst hit, with temperatures around 5C, a shiveringly long way off from the 15C average expected for May. Cold air systems coming in from the Atlantic are causing the unseasonable chill, due to settle over British skies.

A miserable May follows an April that certainly lived up to its folklore forecast, one of the wettest months on record. Easter bank holiday plans were ruined by downpours leaving Brits baffled following an unseasonably warm March, the hottest for 350 years, reports the Express.

More rain is on the way before the Atlantic air moves in, which while grim for those trudging to work, will please farmers, as it was announced this week that half of Britain is in drought.

However, the Environment Agency warns it will "take more than one month of above average rainfall to alleviate some of the very dry conditions we have experienced over the past 24 months", reports the Telegraph.