20/04/2012 09:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Could Get A DVD Showing Them How To Play With Their Children

Parent and baby PA

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has suggested 'health visitors or midwives should consider using interactive video guidance' to help mums bond with their babies.

It says this could 'improve maternal sensitivity, mother-infant attachment and the child's behaviour'.

In new draft guidance on Social and Emotional Wellbeing: Early Years, NICE say that health visitors and nursery teachers should play a bigger role in families who are struggling with young children.

The interactive video idea could be implemented if the mum has depression or if the baby shows signs of behaviourial difficulties.

NICE also suggest that systems should be put in place to make sure infants under five are equipped and ready for school, saying they need to be able to socialise with other youngsters, go to the toilet independently and take instructions from teachers. It says that focusing on supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children is imperative for their healthy development, and to offset the risks relating to their disadvantages.

It says it aims to 'meet the broader goal of children's services' to 'ensure all children have the best start in life' with a range of universal and targeted services to support children's physical, as well as their mental health and wellbeing.

They suggest that when families are not registered with a GP, health and education workers should be 'knocking on doors', and visiting churches and play centres to establish contact with 'hard to reach vulnerable parents'.

It also calls for identifying vulnerable families before the child is even born to ensure they get the right help.

What do you think about this? A bit Big Brother, or totally necessary to ensure that all children are well looked after?