20/04/2012 18:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Sara Payne's Facebook Campaign Page Targeted By Internet Trolls

Sara Payne PA

Internet trolls have attempted to sabotage a Facebook page set up by Sara Payne, the mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne.

Sara has campaigned tirelessly to protect children from paedophiles since her eight year old daughter was abducted and killed by paedophile Roy Whiting.

Now, the Facebook page she set up has been targeted by 'trolls' writing vile messages and suggesting that sickening paedophiles knew where Sara's supporters lived and were coming for their children.

One was posted in the name of a disgraced former teacher Nigel Oldfield who has served time for downloading images of child abuse. It read: "Paedogeddon - they are organised and they are coming for your kids!!!"

The Sun
reports that Oldfield 'refused to deny' posting messages on the site when confronted at his friend's house in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Sara Payne has complained to the police in past about alleged harassment from him.

She told the paper: "I'm fed up being bullied like this. This is a vile attempt to close down my Facebook page. Men like Oldfield don't want campaigns like mine because as more victims are empowered, more paedophiles will have their secrets exposed."

Facebook says it has very clear rules in place with regard to trolling and there is 'no place' for it on the site, adding that it was against the sites terms and conditions to 'intimidate or harass' other people.

Sara was awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours list in 2008, and was made 'Victims Champion' in 2009 by then Justice Secretary Jack Straw for her work with those affected by sexual abuse. In 2009, she suffered a life threatening stroke and was given a 50/50 chance of survival, and was also hospitalised in 2011 after collapsing at home.

She and former husband Michael have four surviving children. Little Sarah was abducted in 2000 whilst playing in a field near her grandparents home in West Sussex, England. Her body was found in a field 15 miles away 16 days later. Roy Whiting was sentenced to life for her abduction and murder.

What a terrible thing to do - do you despair of internet trolls? Should there be stiffer penalties for those who do this kind of thing?