20/04/2012 13:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victoria Beckham To Steal Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Crown?

Victoria Beckham and baby Harper PA

There could be a business-bags-at-dawn showdown between 'working mums' Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow if reports of Posh starting a rival to the Goop website are true.

Now magazine
reckons Victoria, 38, is looking to set up an online portal for working mums much like Gwynnie's.

They quote a source as saying that Vicky has had "a lot of support for her recent Tweets about her life and she feels that people really care about how she manages to juggle raising four kids with a glittering career."

The insider claimed that "Gwyneth provides access to her personal life through Goop and Victoria wants to do the same. Plus, she knows it'll be a success."

The mole also added - perhaps in a veiled warning to her potential online rival - that "When she puts her mind to it, Victoria always smashes it."

So could this be what all the recent tweets about her baking and home-making have been leading up to? Ugh. Let's just hope if it does come to light it's not quite so insufferably smug as Gwynnie's...

What do you think? Does the world need a rival to Goop? Or should Posh just stick with tweeting about her blessed existence instead?