23/04/2012 14:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

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Blogging is taking the UK by storm, and parent bloggers are the fastest-growing and most influential blogging tribe of all!

Parent blogging isn't just about babies, weaning and which pushchair is best. It's a fantastic way for people to express their creativity and share their interests with like-minded readers, as well as meeting new friends through blogs and other social networks.

Blogging can also lead to exciting new career opportunities for mums and dads – the most popular blogs can make hundreds of pounds a month in advertising revenue, as well as enjoying the opportunity to try out new products from leading brands, and perhaps even the occasional day out or family holiday!

If you've ever wondered whether blogging might be for you, we hope that our new Blogger of the Week feature will inspire you.

We'll be highlighting some of the best blogs from the Tots100 index of UK parent blogs, an online community of more than 2,500 UK bloggers who write about their families and lives.

If you think you know what blogging is all about, prepare to be surprised. Over the coming weeks, we'll be bringing you blogs about crafting, photography, technology, travel and everything in between. There are blogs to make you laugh until you're weak at the knees and blogs that will inspire and move you with stories of strength and dedication. There will be recipes to try, creative projects to help you have fun with your kids, and recommendations of the best books to read, films to watch, and products to buy.

If, after reading one of our recommended blogs, you're inspired to try out blogging for yourself, then the Tots100 has teamed up with to put together a series of articles to help you get started in blogging, get to know other bloggers, and make sure you have fun blogging.

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