23/04/2012 11:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy, 5, Cheats Death After Being Crushed Under A Tractor!

Boy, 5, cheats death after being crushed under a tractor!  Caters

Meet Leo Cope, a five-year-old boy with an incredible tale to tell.

The little boy was crushed under the wheel of a tractor but escaped without breaking a single bone in his body.

Leo's dad Tony was horrified as he watched his son ride his scooter into the path of an oncoming tractor. Leo was rushed to Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, where he underwent emergency surgery to repair extensive muscle and tissue damage to the back of his right knee. He also lost skin from his left ankle.

Although doctors think he may have fractured his pelvis, Leo escaped his ordeal without any broken bones.

"Leo was on his scooter and I could hear the drone of the tractor as we got about halfway across the road," explains Tony, 48, from Leicestershire. "Things played out in slow motion. Leo was that bit in front of me and he went under the front wheel.

"I was shouting and waving my arms at the driver and another person in the cab. The tractor rocked backwards and Leo fell backwards on to me.I cuddled him and told him not to move.

"The thick Wellington boots he was wearing protected his ankle and his thick jacket cushioned his back.The driver was breath-tested by the police and he came over as Leo was being put in the ambulance.

"The tyre had squashed his legs into the Tarmac. Doctors were worried he might have fractured his pelvis, but he didn't have a broken bone in either of his legs. I'm off work and I can't sleep with the trauma of seeing it happen.

"Leo is waking up a lot at night as well, but it could have been far worse. He can't walk at the moment and is getting around on his bottom, but he's got a frame and we've hired a wheelchair. We're not sure about the long-term prognosis yet."

Leo's mum Alison, 49, says her son is a "pretty strong character" who has already been into hospital for an operation on kidney stones.

Leo, who is recovering at home, said: "There were two paramedics, three police cars and one proper ambulance. I'm feeling a bit better."

A Leicestershire police spokeswoman said the driver of the tractor was interviewed at the scene and that inquiries into the incident were continuing.

What a brave little boy. Good luck with your recovery, Leo!