23/04/2012 08:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Girl Of Four Weighing THREE Stone Gets NHS Obesity Warning Letter


Another day, and another family get a bonkers letter from their local health authority branding their child overweight...

This time, the little girl in question, four-year-old Lacie-May Gilbert, weighs a measly THREE stone and seven pounds!

Her outraged mum Natasha Gray, 34, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire was sent a letter warning her there could be 'serious implications' after Lacie-May had a routine health check at school.

The reality is that Lacie-May is one of the SMALLEST children in her reception class and an avid trampoliner who is not even a big eater!

Furious Natasha told The Sun it was 'absolutely ridiculous' and that the letter could end up giving her little girl 'self-confidence issues'.

The NHS claimed that Lacie-May was at the starting point for being 'clinically obese' based on her BMI.

When Natasha contacted her GP about it - as the letter instructed her to do - they reportedly LAUGHED and said the little girl was fine.

Natasha, who has three other children, Brandon, 16, Charlotte, 11, and Kelsey, 9, says all her children are active and eat healthy meals adding that little Lacie-May 'doesn't just sit and eat crisps all day. She has three meals and an occasional snack'.

Community Health director Anna Morgan defended the letter, telling the Sun: "It is important that families are able to access advice, should they want to."

Do you think these weight checks at school need to be stopped?
Or do you think they are necessary to stop overweight children becoming overweight adults?